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Anti Cellulite Active Underwear - Emana Fiber

intelligent fabric EMANA, a intelligent poliamide fiber with bioactive micro crystals.

The textile has been designed to activate the body microcirculation of wearers when in contact with the clothes, improving skin elasticity.

The final results after correct use are offered as smoother and younger skin, reduction of cellulite, and delay in muscle fatigue.

Emana, a blood flow stimulating yarn
A new kind of yarn for making fabrics that can interact with skin and promote blood flow in the smallest veins and enhance cellular metabolism has come on the market. Called Emana, this polyamide 66 yarn incorporates bioactive mineral crystals in its polymer matrix. Clothing made with fabrics made of Emana helps the wearers skin to become smooth with improved elasticity besides helping to avoid muscle fatigue and reduce signs of cellulite. Emana products are lightweight;

Recommended to wear at night for at least 30 days.

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